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Azores.com is the most recognized global tourism brand outside Azores, second only to the government owned portal Visitazores.

Azores.com’s primary goal is to provide customers and visitors to Portugal a great travel experience, with value added leading edge personalized services which set us apart. We have achieved this primary goal.

In addition Azores.com is working on its phase two project wish will expand the travel/visit Portugal brand to commerce, industry, culture and education on Portugal. Portugal.com’s end goal is to become Portugal’s Global site of reference.

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Portugal.com is seeking to enter into sponsor partnerships including alliances for content, product, and services. Types of sponsor partnerships include sections or even the whole website and apps  “powered by” your company (your brand). 

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Invest and become a shareholder of Azores.com. We have investment opportunities which will allow you owning equity in the company and a seat on the Board of Directors. 

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