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5 Rounds Golf and 6 Nights Hotel/Car in Sao Miguel

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6 Nights - Visit Sao Miguel the most diverse and arguably most beautiful island in the Atlantic. Play a few rounds of golf in two beautiful courses, while staying in Ponta Delgada city or suburbs and Furnas village. Hotel Talisman is a unique boutique hotel situated in the historical center of Ponta Delgada and at a walking distance to many points of interest including the water-front. The well known restaurant offers a friendly typical ambiance, as well as a variety of regional tastes including local fish and seafood side-by-side tasteful international dishes. The Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is located in the mystic Furnas Valley next to a botanical garden and park of rare beauty and renowned throughout Europe. Enjoy the camellia collection, the azalea woods, flower gardens, endemic plants, fern garden and many more plants and vegetation. Or you may go for a swim in the outdoor thermal natural swimming pool.

Golf Courses: BATALHA


Batalha golf course - 12 km from Ponta Delgada, 45 km (28 miles) from Furnas. Furnas golf course - 45 km (28 miles) from Ponta Delgada and 4 Km (2.5 miles) from Furnas.

Batalha Club House

  • 3000 square meter clubhouse
  • Bar & Restaurant Facilities
  • Golfista Bar with Outdoor Esplanade
  • Lounge Area with TV and fireplace
  • Banqueting and Meeting Facilities to accommodate 300 pax
  • Fully stocked Golf Shop
  • Men and Ladies Locker Rooms
  • WI-FI Internet Access
  • Parking





01 With a wide open fairway to aim at, this medium length par 5 gently eases you into your round. The second shot will have to carry the lakes on the left, setting up a simple approach to a gently rolling green.

02 This difficult par 3 is often played into the wind and the green is further than it looks. The deep swale in front of the green will swallow up any shot that does not carry to the green.

03 This is a simple downhill par 4 where your tee shot must hug the left side of the fairway. Beware of the out of bounds on the right which sneaks in menacingly close to the right side of the fairway.

04 A long par 5 that will require 3 full shots to reach the green. The more you dare bite off on the left on the tee shot, the greater the possibility of clearing the brow of the hill, some 100m short of the green.

05 A very tricky hole where accuracy off the tee is crucial. With a little luck and a good forward bounce on the drive, the second shot can be reduced to a short iron in spite of the holes 385m length.

06 A monster par 4, with the second shot playing uphill to a well defended green. Should the prevailing wind be blowing, you will need everything in the bag to reach this green in two shots.

07 Playing downhill, this medium length par 4 is a welcome relief after the tribulations of the previous hole. The second shot plays uphill to an elevated green making the distance to the flag difficult to judge.

08 A great par 3, challenging by its length and the numerous bunkers that defend the green.

09 This is a risk and reward hole teasing you to cut off as much of the dogleg to the right as you dare. The large eucalyptus trees can however destroy any over ambitious or errant shot. The large slopping green will test your putting skills to the full.


01 Length is the main challenge of this slight right hand dogleg par 4 which plays up the hillside. The green is defended on the sides with a generous open entrance.

02 Accuracy off the tee rather than length is crucial for this narrow par 4. The elevated green is deceptively fast and will require a deft putting touch.

03 This majestic par 5 is strategic golf at its best. The green is temptingly reachable in two, but any wayward shot will be severely punished by the fairway bunkers or in the thick undergrowth.

04 This fairly short par 4 plays up to the highest part of the property and offers spectacular views of the coastline and the ocean beyond.

05 The tall eucalyptus that towers down the middle of the fairway creates the drama of this magnificent par 5. Do you play left, right, over the top or short is a question only you can answer. The elevated green and sloping surface create the perfect finale for this great hole.

06 The high tees offer one of the best panoramas of this part of the island. Golf feels somewhat secondary when gazing over this wonderful scenery.

07  Back to business and the home stretch. If you still have a score to protect, beware of this difficult par 4, dogleg left, particularly the devious sloping green where 3 putting is a common occurrence.

08 The main danger of this par 4 lies on the right hand side where the out of bounds comes menacingly close. The large green offers numerous flag positions which can dramatically affect the difficulty of the approach.

09This is a wonderful finishing par 3 with the clubhouse and the watching crowds overlooking the green. The green is treacherous with big swings and borrows between possible flag positions. The tee shot must be hit in close for any chance of a birdie or even a par.


01PAR 4 Perhaps the most demanding tee shoot on the course, with a narrow fairway and trees on both sides makes it tough, leaving a long iron shot to the green.

02PAR 5 A reachable par five in two for the long hitters but the second shot will be a very big gamble. Playing to the corner of the dog leg right will leave you with a short approach to an elevated green.

03PAR 3 Good par 3 measuring 202yards from the back tee. The green is surrounded by bunkers and there is a large grass hollow on the right.

04PAR 4 The most scenery tee shot of the course. The down hill fairway gives an extra roll on the ball leaving you with a short iron to a green guarded by a lake on the right side.

05PAR 3 A very picturesque par 3 playing over two lakes. A club selection is crucial especially when the wind is blowing against.

06PAR 4 A good tee shot placement opens up the approach shot to a very targeting green, surround by bunkers O.O.B on the left and a big drop of land on the right.

07PAR 4 A gambler tee shot for the long hitters cutting the dog leg left over the trees and O.O.B leaves you with a easy approach shot, otherwise you must position your tee shot of 220 yards to the gap leaving you a mid to a short iron to the green.

08PAR 4 A precise tee shot away from the well positioned bunker on the left sets up the best angle for your second. The pin position on this green can make the approach very difficult.

09PAR 5 A 90º dog leg right with a very narrow landing zone if you try to hit a driver of the tee, makes the tee shot very interesting. Playing over the right side bunker on the corner leaves you an easier second shot. The second shot can be played just short of the bunker on the left or a long second shot down the slope sets up an easier approach to the green.

Golf course: FURNAS

The clubhouse at Furnas was completely refurbished in 2006 and the friendly staff will offer you a warm and hospitable welcome.

  • Full Service Restaurant & Bar
  • Banquet Facilities to Accommodate 100 pax
  • Lounge Area with Fireplace and TV
  • Fully stocked Golf Shop
  • Men and Ladies Locker Room Facilities



01 This gentle par 4 gets you straight into the spirit of the golf course. Both sides of the fairway are lined by majestic Japanese Cedars creating a daunting first tee shot.

02 This challenging par 3 will test your short game skills as the undulating green offers little chance of recovery for the errant tee shot. The water at the foot of the tees should not come into play.

03 The trick on this short par 5 lies with the tee shot. A well hit drive, biting off the edge of the dogleg to the right can easily place the green within range.

04 This difficult par 4 requires accuracy off the tee in order to open the green for the second shot. The elevated green, defended by a deep bunker on the left, falls off steeply at the back towards the trees.

05 This is a difficult par 5 hole to negotiate on a first visit. The tee shot has to be hit well over the hedge line on the right and the hesitant golfer, playing too far left, will easily find his second shot blocked by trees. The elevated green, defended on both sides and at the back by bunkers is a tiny target to reach in two.

06 Playing alongside a volcanic funnel on the right, you can truly appreciate the unique nature of this spectacular course. This sharp dogleg right will tempted you to fly the corner over the lush vegetation. A good iron shot is all that is needed as, if too long, your tee shot can easily reach the lake on the far of the fairway. A short approach to a well defended green is the recompense for a well placed tee shot.

07 One of the hardest holes on the course, this long par 4 requires both length and accuracy to reach the green in two shots. The right hand side is to be avoided at all costs.

08 Water menacingly encroaches on this unassuming par 3, with a lake abutting the back of the green and a stream dangerously close on the right.

09 A great hole to finish off the front nine, with a large fairway allowing you to open up those shoulders on the tee shot. Once again the elevated green offers a challenging target to hit and a difficult test to recover from should you miss.

You might want to take a breather at this point and enjoy a moment of rest at the halfway house before setting off to tackle the back nine.

10 If you can successfully negotiate your tee shot through the narrow passage between the trees, this hole offers one of the best birdie chances on the course. Disaster looms, however, for the errant tee shot.

11 A straight forward simple par 3, where the effect of the wind will be the hardest criteria to judge from the sheltered tees.

12 This clever short par 4 requires accuracy rather than length from the tee shot. The passage between the trees for the second shot is very narrow and the height of the trees will render any recovery shot to the green near impossible.

13 This long par 4 will require everything you have in the bag to reach the green in two. The tiny target and the stream on the right make this hole, probably the toughest challenge of the round.

14 You are now entering the home stretch and this straight forward par 5 offers a great opportunity to put in a strong finish. There is room on the left for the tee shot, and the green is definitely reachable in two shots.

15 A short par 4 with plenty of room off the tee, a good approach should give you a fighting birdie chance.

16 This pleasant par 3 playing back towards the clubhouse should not present too great a challenge, aside from the two bunkers protecting either side of the green.

17 This hole plays shorter than it looks and although the cedars alongside the fairway look menacing, there is more room than meets the eye. Beware though of the water features that guard the left side of the green.

18 A suitably spectacular par 5 to finish off what was hopefully a memorable round. The tee shot over the rise is blind, but there is plenty of room on the right. For most players this is a 3 shot par 5, with only the longest hitters being able to reach in two. The elevated green offers an open approach, overlooked by the clubhouse nearby.

What's Included

Note: Number of nights and rounds of gold can be adjusted per your requirements. Let us know during the booking/quoting process


  • 6 nights accommodations
  • Breakfast
  • Welcome Crate 
  • Assistance
  • 7 days rental car, Intermediate SUV (Automatic transmission)
  • CDW & TP 
  • Airport Taxes
  • Unlimited miles
  • 24 Hour Assistance
  • 5 day green fees per person

  • One complimentary small food crate with local products (Sao Miguel Island only)

    Not included and prices subject to change

    Equipment Hire   
    Set of Clubs 40,00 €
    Driving Range club Hire 2.50€ per club
    Range Balls 6.00€ per bucket
    Pull trolley 6.00€ 
    Locker Daily 4.50€ 
    Range Balls 6.00€ per bucket
    Golf cart fee 40,00 €

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4/19/2024 - 4/23/2024$2371$3029$1873$2396$1573$1748$1538$1875
4/24/2024 - 5/23/2024$2371$3760$1873$2840$1573$2204$1538$2278
5/24/2024 - 7/4/2024$3044$3760$2331$2840$1930$2204$1857$2278
7/5/2024 - 9/14/2024$3148$3760$2435$2840$1993$2204$3148$2278
9/15/2024 - 10/6/2024$3044$3760$2331$2840$1930$2204$1857$2278
10/7/2024 - 10/12/2024$3044$3460$2331$2540$1930$1964$1857$2018
10/13/2024 - 11/2/2024$2371$3460$1873$2540$1573$1964$1538$2018
11/3/2024 - 12/23/2024$2079$2592$1655$2058$1415$1602$1385$1681
12/24/2024 - 12/31/2024$2079$3760$1655$2840$1415$2204$1385$2278


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Comfort Hotels

Ponta Delgada - Hotel Ponta Delgada

Hotel Ponta Delgada is centrally located and only a 10-minute drive from the airport. Hotel Ponta Delgada features a family ambiance and comfortable furnishings. It features an indoor pool.

Air-conditioned rooms all open out on to a private balcony and are fitted with double-glass windows. All rooms include a TV set with cable channels and private bathrooms with walk-in shower or bathtub. Free WiFi access is available in all areas of the hotel.

The Ponta Delgada’s Baco Restaurant offers authentic cuisine from the Azores. The hotel’s bar has an esplanade, where guests can enjoy a refreshing drink or cocktail.

Guests can stroll in the narrow streets of the city center. Alternatively, they can dip in the hot tub or relax in the on-site hammam and sauna.

Superior Hotels

Ponta Delgada - Hotel Marina Atlantico

Hotel Marina Atlantico is in the center of Ponta Delgada overlooking the marina and the harbor. There is an indoor pool and the rooms are modernly furnished with cable TV.

The spacious, contemporary guest rooms at Hotel Marina Atlantico are air conditioned and fitted with a minibar. The private bathrooms feature complimentary bathroom amenities.

The on-site fitness centre is well-equipped and features flat-screen TVs. Guests can relax in Marina Atlantico’s sauna, steam bath or with a massage.

With views of the marina, the hotel’s Escuna Restaurant serves traditional Portuguese meals. Palhabote Bar on the ground floor has refreshing drinks and light snacks.

Marina Atlantico also has a full-service business center, a 24-hour front desk and a car rental service.

Ponta Delgada Airport is just 3 km away.

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