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We thoroughly enjoyed

We thoroughly enjoyed

Hi Eunice–
We just got back last night from the trip, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  And now we all want to go back again! Adegas de Pico, and the island itself, was wonderful.  The restaurant in the village was excellent–4 star.  We LOVED the cottage, and Maria could not have been more helpful.  We’ve been whale watching in Cape Cod Bay and Faial was SO much better.The flowers were just beginning to come out and everything was starting to bloom.  I can just imagine how gorgeous everything will be in another month.  I will do a trip advisor entry for Adegas de Pico, the Pousada (sp) on Faial which was a highlight of that island, and Azores,com. On Faial we explored the lava tubes–amazing.  Having cars on all the islands allowed us to really get around and explore.  It was fascinating how different each island was.  And the cars were fine. One of the more difficult things was finding restaurants and cafes–there are very few signs and most of them are quite small and hidden.  Once we found them, the food was uniformly delightful–now I need to find a cookbook with Azorean recipes! The Hotel de Colegio has a great restaurant, but the rooms are getting very tired and need to be redone. Right now I am going to do laundry.  I will send you copies of my reviews.

And THANK YOU AGAIN for all your help.  You made this vacation easy and delightful!

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