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Full-day Furnas and Nordeste (S.Miguel)

This tour departs from the hotel in Ponta Delgada at 8:30 AM towards Ribeira Grande with a quick stop for sightseeing. It will continue on to Furnas, with stops in the main viewpoints. Arriving in the village of Furnas, you will visit the geyser parks to observe the local volcanic activities as well as other points of tourist interest of the Village. You will have lunch at a local restaurant where you will try the famous "Cozido", if you choose to. Cozido is a typical lunch cooked on underground silos. After lunch, the tour drives by Salto do Cavalo, Fenais da Ajuda, Salga and Nordeste, stopping in the main viewpoints. One of the most beautiful is Ponta da Madrugada viewpoint. Stop in Nordeste village continuing to Povoacao and Vila Franca do Campo. Small stop in Agua do Pau, Lagoa, S. Roque and P. Delgada. You will arrive at the hotels at 6:00 PM.


Prices are per bus and includes all taxes and fees.
Prices are based on departures from Ponta Delgada hotels or harbor. So prices may be higher depending on departing hotel towns or cruises.