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Full-Day of Terceira (Terceira)

The full day tour of Terceira departs from the hotel via the south coast road towards Praia da Vitoria. The tour continues through Porto Judeu and stops at Sao Sebastiao before proceeding to Porto Martins. You will stop for lunch at Praia da Vitoria. After lunch the tour takes the mountain road to Serra do Cume for a stop and visits the Algar do Carvao cave (only open from June to September). Then, the Terceira full-day tour passes through Cabrito and arrives at Biscoitos where you can visit the wine museum and the natural swimming pools made of black volcanic rock. Finally, the tour returns via the villages of Altares and Reminho Serreta, passing Doze Ribeiras and Sao Mateus to arrive at Angra do Heroi­smo at about 5:30 p.m.


Prices are based on the departures locations. So prices may be higher depending on departing hotel towns or cruises.
Price are up to 4 people. For more people, please contact us.

Prices do not include
Algar do Carvao entrance fee

Prices are per car
Includes taxes and fees.