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Whale Watching in Pico

On the Whale watching in Pico island you'll be able to watch Sperm Whales, the largest and most numerous in these waters readily identified throughout photographs taken of the undersides of their flukes when diving. Other whales frequently sighted are Northern Bottlenose whales, Pilot whales, Orcas and Sower-by's Beaked whales. In addition, the dolphins sighted regularly in these waters are Common Atlantic Bottlenose, Risso, Atlantic Spotted and Striped. Visit also the whalers museum and the Queimada spotting tower. This dour departures daily from Lajes do Pico at 09h00 or at 14h00 .  


Trips departure: Lajes
Trip length: 3 hours
Includes: Briefing
Visit to the whalers museum and the Queimada spotting tower.