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The need for Travel Specialists (Travel Agents)

tn_shutterstock_274536221Everyone’s time is valuable and professional Travel Agents have not gone the way of the dinosaurs. As a matter of fact, Travel Agents who specialize in 1 or 2 destinations and have become Travel Specialists are now a commodity in more demand than ever in the history of travel. Here’s why:  A Travel Specialist’s’ in- depth knowledge of the destination can save you time and money in a world ruled by the Internet because, while the Internet has allowed an exponential increase in goods and services readily available at the touch of a keyboard stroke, it has also allowed for an enormous increase in sub-par, overpriced and sometimes shady products and operators. is often perceived to be the official site of Azores Tourism (we like to think we’re actually better than them), and because of this confusion we receive thousand of questions from customers researching our site as well as others sites in search of the best packages and the best deals to the Azores. 

Much time goes into planning a perfect holiday, especially to places where you have never been before and where different languages and cultures makes it difficult to determine the good from the bad. The time you spend digging into the unknown takes you away from work, family and friends while making your weekends shorter.

The Travel Specialist Dilemma

No one has unlimited resources and unlimited time.

A professional Travel Specialist needs to balance providing free advice to customers who are shopping around for the right package or tour and who are actually serious about purchasing our products and services.  From our side it is not practical to provide free unlimited advice to our customers unless our customers book with us. We make a living researching, planning and booking your holiday but only get paid when a booking occurs.

When should you use a Travel Specialist

We recommend that you contact a professional Travel Specialist when you’re planning an extended stay in an unknown destination consisting of multiple services such as hotels, car rentals, transfers, trains, etc. An Azores Travel Specialist, such as, will make all the difference in helping you enjoy the best possible time in the Azores.

How does it work

tn_shutterstock_231146122Let’s say you are beginning your trip research using our site but need more  advice and information before making a decision. You need to get up to the top of the queue. 

You can hire us! You pay an upfront retaining fee, which will be credited towards the final cost, and we will answer your questions and plan your trip. Should you not book with us, that is fine, we won’t take it personally! We will even advise you on alternative and competitive services. The importance here is that you get your questions answered and we get paid for our time and advice.

You get right up to the front of the queue. You’re happy!

Our Retaining Fee

Some call it a deposit, we call it an up-front consultancy retaining fee because it is related to our preparation work. Our fee is $250.00, valid for a 6 month period, per itinerary, with unlimited email exchanges and up to 2 hours of phone or chat consultation. The whole fee is credited towards your booking final price if you end up booking with us, according to the schedule below. Your trip could actually be considered fee free!

Amount of Travel booked by     Amount of fee credited towards final bill

0 – $1000  no credit

$1000 – $2500  $125

> $2500 Full amount credited

Our Guarantee

We cannot guarantee the lowest price, no one can even though they tell you they do. What we can guarantee to you is that we’ll look for the lowest total cost of your package while meeting your requirements. If we can save you money we will. We can also try to match lowest costs as long as we are comparing equivalent products and services. Rest assure that we’ll do everything to get you the lowest cost.

We hope to hear from you soon! Staff of Specialists

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