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azor hotel ponta delgada marina view

Enjoyed the islands

Hi Eunice... the stay in Ponta Delgada was fine - although the hotel seems to change its name as often as the Sao Miguel weather! We enjoyed Faial, Pico and Sao Miguel... and the car rental company did a good job with the car hire... Thanks. Richard

Dr. Richard Jewell
Sep 2017
dolphins azores atlantic ocean

Thank you for the excellent service...

Thank you for the excellent service we have gotten from you. At the moment, all we need is in a package and just waiting for the holiday.

Best regards,

Paula Hatunen
Jul 2017

I was so fortunate to come across this …

I was so fortunate to come across this website. This being my first time internationally flying I was very nervous about booking. What I was most impressed by was their excellent customer service. They were very responsive when it came to answering my emails, especially a woman named Eunice Costa. She answered all my questions and concerns all within hours! I am so pleased and will be referring this website to everyone I know. Thanks again for the great experience.

Alexis M.
Jul 2017

Amazing trip!

We had some issues with our flights being delayed for various reasons and the company was very accommodating. Tour guides and hotel staff were amazing!

K. Sheehan
Jun 2017
pousada forte da horta pool marina

Azores Trip

We returned recently from a trip set up by your company. It was outstanding in every way and gave us tremendous pleasure and information. Our tour guides, especially Joao Toste and Paulo Camara, we more than excellent. We appreciated so much their attentive treatment of us and their knowledge of their islands. Your handling of the transportation, hotels (which were superb), and tours was unmatched in our traveling experience. We want to thank you so much. Job well done!

Suzanne B.
Jun 2017
sao jorge countryside red road azores

Working with Eunice Costa was so easy. I loved Azores because of her expert planning.

Working with Eunice Costa was so easy. She is so helpful and a good listener. My group of 9 residents was so happy and thankful for the wonderful experience. Our guides were so great, knowledgeable and caring. The hotels in Pico, St. Miguel and Faial were very good. The food in all the restaurants we ate was very good.
I would highly recommend going to Azores with

Anita B Ream
Jun 2017
faial horta bay azores

This was my first experience working …

This was my first experience working with Eunice at Our trip was beyond our expectations! The private meals and entertainment were certainly highlights besides the gorgeous scenery of the island. The tour guide and driver made sure our needs were being met and they were exceptional. Thank you for a wonderful experience for myself and my friends, I would gladly recommend you to others and will use your service again. Thank you!

Mary R.
Jun 2017
azor hotel ponta delgada marina view

What a great trip!

What a great trip! The Azores are amazing as are the people! Working with Eunice Costa at was terrific! She was extremely knowledgeable and clearly invested in helping us to plan a personalized and memorable trip based our needs and interests. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to work with someone who clearly enjoys what they do and makes you feel comfortable knowing you are in capable hands. Thanks again for helping ensure our trip was unforgettable! :-)

Donna M.
May 2017
terceira farm fields blue sky azores

Excellent Trip !!!!

Eunice was excellent!!!!! The places we stayed were beautiful!!!! The tours that were set up were very informative and the tour guides were excellent!!!! I can't wait to book my return visit!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Susan Mello
May 2017
pousada forte da horta common area


My husband and I travel a lot. We've never enjoyed the level of service we experienced with From my first phone conversation with Eunice, through trip planning emails, her competence and expertise impressed me. She arranged our hotel stays, scheduled drivers and tour guides and suggested sites we might want to visit. By the way, the tour guides were amazing too. Their knowledge of island history enhanced our enjoyment of each place we visited. service was truly amazing. Our trip was perfect and there was not a single hitch. Working with is dealing with your own personal planner to ensure a memorable and relaxing trip. Eunice and her team took care of the details and we just enjoyed a perfect vacation.

G. Cross
Jan 2017
santa maria lighthouse azores

Amazing 2 week holiday

My daughter and I recently returned from an incredible 2 week holiday in the Azores. Eunice did a great job of organizing our 4 Island tour, adding days here and there by request. All transfers where timely, the guides were personable and knowledgeable providing service in clean and comfortable vehicles, and the 3 hotels were stayed at provided great and friendly service. Of particular note was the Hotel Marina Atlantico that actually checked us in and provided our room at 8 am - after 24 travel hours this was an unexpected gift. The 4 islands that we visited were incredibly beautiful, pictures can never give the calderias and incredible views justice.

Brenda Banbury
Oct 2016


The Azores 4 Island Trip with was fantastic. Eunice's planning was perfect. We had a great time. The islands are absolutely gorgeous. My most common word every day was “WOW”. Totally amazing sights. The people, the scenery, volcanoes, lakes, food, whales, dolphins, hydrangeas, everything made for a perfect and very enjoyable time. 
Thank you Eunice and!!!


Elsa R.
Sep 2016
terceira fumaroles furnas do enxofre azores

One of the best holidays we have had.

Everything was extremely well organized. The guides were very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. The hotels were beyond our expectations. The Azores really is beautiful and the Azorean people couldn't be nicer.

M. Feakins
Sep 2016
graciosa islets sea azores

An amazing holiday

This was a really good holiday (Azores July 2016). The hotels were good , transfers and flights all worked well and tour guides were amazing.
A huge thank you to Eunice for organising it for us - you certainly know the travel industry and the Azores!

Judith D.
Aug 2016
sao jorge flowers blossoming cliff

awesome trip

We were met at the airport and also at each hotel we stayed at by courteous and knowledgeable driver/tour guides...and yes, they spoke fluent English. We had an individualized tour of each island without the hassle of being with a big tour group. 
We will definitely be back to experience more of the islands soon...
Thank you for a great visit of the Azores!

R. Cajita
Jul 2016
sao jorge lagoon faja azores

A truly amazing experience

Eunice at was truly amazing. Every detail was worked out and our trip could not have been better. The guides on every island (4) were very knowledgeable. I learned so much and was entertained at the same time.

Carol B.
May 2016
pico town mountain azores

The best vacation EVER!

My English is not good enough to express my gratitude for this wonderful trip Eunice put together for us.. We had the greatest time and we had fun, a lot! We enjoyed every minute of it. We have found, again, the treasure of real people and that’s priceless.
I am very thankful for all the hard work you guys do to make these gem islands easily enjoyable for clueless foreigners like us.
We definitely will be back.

May 2016

Well organized tour of five islands!

We booked a tour with and were totally satisfied with the hotels, tours,flights and the,people we met along the way. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. This has to be one of our best vacations yet. The Azores are simply beautiful - each Island has its own beauty - difficult to,pick a favorite Island. Eunice did an excellent job of putting it all together for us from transfers to flights to hotels to tours. Plan to return and visit Islands we have yet to see.

Joan McNiven
Apr 2016
azoris faial garden resort hotel pool

Wonderful Vacation Experience because of

I had an excellent, relaxing and fun vacation because arranged my trip. Plus they got everything booked with very little advance notice which was terrific. All the hotels were delightful and my rooms had great views. The guides were extremely knowledgeable about numerous details about the Islands. They explained about history, geology, government, traditions, economics, contemporary culture and so much more. They made each tour fun and really worthwhile. All the travel arrangements went smoothly which allowed me to just enjoy visiting these beautiful and interesting Islands. Hopefully I'll go again and will definitely book with!

Mar 2016
pico vineyard winery wine

This is our second trip with and they are GREAT!

I took 14 people (plus myself and husband) on a 4 Island trip to the Azores from 9/27/15-10/6/15 and I could not be more pleased. The hotels were excellent; the transfers were excellent and the guides were SUPERB!. 
We had (my husband and I) taken a trip with 2 others a few years ago and had private transfers and tours. This was SOOO much better as the guides selected were 1st Class. We included some meals and they were at restaurants who offered great service and delicious meals. We could not have been more pleased. It was wonderful working with Eunice Costa...she is a gem!

Debbie Freitas
Oct 2015
santa maria lighthouse aerial azores

Best of all my booking

Very nice contact, help at all the time, best prices. It is very nice to work with them. Highly recommended.

Sep 2015
sao jorge coast landscape azores

Our trip to the Azores was wonderful and planned with our needs in mind.

Travel to the Azores is a wonderful experience. Each island is unique and beautiful, the people are delightful, it is safe, the food is good, and the trip has reasonable costs. Planning travel through ensures you see the high points. For more discovery, renting a car adds freedom to your schedule. We appreciate the services we received from

Bill King
Sep 2015
Water falls in Rocha dos Bordoes Flores island - Azores

Definitely Worthwhile

Our tour guide Antonio Pereira was excellent! He was on time, very knowledgeable , well mannered, a good driver and made our day a wonderful success.

We were amazed at his knowledge base of Faial and in particular Cedros. Our day with Antonio helped me locate a family homestead that was a dream come true for me.

Mr. Pereira's keen and inquiring mind and friendly persona enabled him to talk to nu merous people and get the information I needed.

Jeanne Lenhart
Sep 2015

The Best Place You've Never Heard of!

My husband and I recently returned from a two week trip to the Azores. I can honestly say it was the best vacation we have ever had! The islands are the most lush, beautiful, dramatic and mellow dots of land in the middle of the Atlantic! The Azorean people are welcoming, kind, and go out of their way to help you. 

We explored the islands of Sao Miguel, Faial and Pico. Each island is unique in its own right, and there are others we hope to visit someday, as well! Many people have never heard of the Azores, and that's what makes them so special. If you are looking for an American, touristy, chain hotels and water parks type of vacation, THIE AZORES ARE NOT FOR YOU? If you love nature, beautiful land-and-sea-scales, the solitude of driving on a road and seeing nothing but lash land, volcanic rock and tons of cows, then this is your place.

I am hesitant to share the Azores, because they really are so very special. I hope they always remain this way! I know we will be going back--hopefully, sooner than later!

Trixie N.
Sep 2015
santa maria trigger fish azores planned the perfect trip

My first trip to the Azores was planned with and they planned the perfect trip for me after several conversations about my interests, likes, goals. They offered several choices for each island and set up tours, guides, transportation, hotels that more than met my expectations and made the trip so enjoyable that I plan to return and to ask to help with the planning.

Aug 2015
graciosa ponta da barca azores

The trip to the Azores Island was fantastic!

Our tour representative, Eunice, made our trip package easy and very enjoyable. The flights, accommodations, tours and activities were perfect for us. We felt safe and comfortable with the choices she made for us. Our tour guides on the Islands were great too and that made the trip very enjoyable. I would recommend the trip to anyone. We visited four Islands and enjoyed every minute of our trip.

Rick & Phyllis Machado
Aug 2015

Good service

Eunice was very patient answering our questions and helping to plan our trip. Everything went smoothly and it was a great experience. One in our party had a gluten free issue and Eunice did all she could to reassure her and found out about the hotel menus. We would recommend them to anyone.

Geraldine Moniz
Jul 2015

Perfect vacation!

From beginning to end, I had a wonderful experience with Eunice and The planning was easy, and Eunice was super helpful in putting together a wonderful 4 island tour on short notice and helping me to coordinate the flights. Also, when o wanted to add a tour while on the trip, she took care of it right away. The guides on each of the islands were knowledgeable, warm and hospitable, the transfers were all perfect, and the hotels were well located and well appointed. The best part of all was that Eunice made sure all of the details were handled so I could just focus on the amazing sights and people of the Azores. It was an amazing trip and one that anyone who likes nature, history and learning about new cultures will love.

Anusha Rasalingam
Jul 2015

Service beyond expectation!

I recently arranged a wonderful eleven day "roots" trip to the Acores for 6 adults & 2 children aged 8 & 10 comprising three generations of my family. It was a fantastic experience that brought us closer together as a family, and gave my grandchildren a window into what my life was like there in 1952. I can't say enough about what a pleasure it was to work with Eunice Costa, who heads the office in Santa Cruz, CA, to plan our travel, accommodations, and many of our activities. Her responsive to our varied needs and her knowledgeable advice went beyond competent professionalism - she invested in making our trip a formative experience for my whole family. From flight, transport to & from our three hotel apartments with balconies overlooking the marina in Ponta Delgarda, recommendations for restaurants, arranging for a wonderful tour guide on the island, mountain biking, hiking, swimming with dolphins, whale watching and swimming in a hot spring fed ocean cove in 100* F. I live in RI and contacted a local recommended travel agent also featuring Azorian travel vacations, but did not find a customer centered attitude - it took a few calls and emails just to get a response, and then it was "This is the flight info, here are hotels, this is approx cost" with no attempt to establish why we were going or what we might wish to do once there. Although this agent was only a few miles away geographically, he was a light year away in terms of investing in his customer' s dream. Eunice Costa of, while physically clear across the United States, bought into making our family trip a once in a lifetime experience. I can't thank her enough!

John Amaral
Rhode Island, USA
Jul 2015

Above and beyond our expectations

I was initially very hesitant about using a company I had never heard of to go somewhere I had almost nothing about! There were plenty of package deals out there, but because I wanted to include some very specific activities, I wanted to have a vacation that was not a cookie-cutter package. Eunice and I emailed many, many times and each email was responded to immediately. Shortly before our departure, I printed off our itinerary - complete with vouchers and contact information for every stop along the way. Flights were met at each island with a smiling guide. Tours left on time and included everything she promised and our specialty adventures (scuba, small vessel whale watch) were booked with first rate operators. The hotels were all clean and comfortable and met our expectations. 
I should mention that we had another person meeting us halfway through our vacation, and she coordinated our travel plans expertly and when we left to return to the States, his vacation continued smoothly.
I have and will continue to recommend and I only regret not having the opportunity to utilize this service again.

Sheila Fitzgerald
Jul 2015
Sao Jorge island landscape. Photo by Associacao de turismo dos acores

The vacation of a lifetime

I contacted Eunice at several months ago, explaining that my wife and I were thinking of celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary by travelling to the Azores for the first time. Over a number of weeks, Eunice tirelessly researched and shared valuable information on flights, hotels, points of interest, whale watching and more. Eunice also immediately provided assistance with last-minute flight scheduling changes, and promptly processed a credit related to an unexpected itinerary change.

I can't say enough good things about in general, and Eunice in particular. Because of the stellar support, my wife and I were able to enjoy a [relatively]stress-free vacation of a lifetime!

Tim Nunes
Jun 2015
terceira farm fields blue sky azores

Everything went smoothly

Very friendly, very helpful, quick answers. I definitely recommend

Pedro Matos
Jun 2015
vcar side view azores

Best service I've ever received

For my wedding anniversary, I chose the Açores as my preferred destination. I communicated with by email and didn't know what to expect. In short, our experience was flawless. All appointments, visits, tours and flights were accurate as a clock. It was the best service I've ever received.

Arif Al Yedaiwi
Jun 2015
azores woman hydrangeas hiking


Short 1 week trip to the Azores. Prearranged air, hotels and guide. Fantastic islands and everything was great. Can't wait to go back.

Jun 2015
sao jorge water lagoon azores

Great vacation

Eunice made all the arrangements for our 12 day, four island trip to the Azores. The hotels were fine,our personal tour guides were exceptional. The entire trip was a wonderful experience, the islands are truly beautiful. Thanks again Eunice Pat and Joyce Mckune

Pat & Joyce Mckune
Jun 2015
sao miguel nordeste village azores

Beautiful Azore Islands

What beautiful islands. Too bad more Americans don't visit. Temperate all year. The largest island of Sao Miguel is one of the prettiest islands I have been to. Very high volcanic mountains, with 3 large lake filled calderas. ELVERY road on the island is lined with flowers. A great time to visit would be late June or early July when most are blooming. The capital of Sao Miguel Ponta Delgada is a lovely old town to walk around. My trip through was handled perfectly by Eunice. Pick ups at the airports and for daily excursions all ran perfectly.

John Williamson
Jun 2015

Excellent visit to the Azores

We had an excellent trip to three Azorean Islands and stayed in four different hotels. Eunice helped with our flights, locations, car rentals and with the hotels. Everything went extremely smoothly and her recommendations were perfect for us.
The Azores are a great destination with really friendly and helpful people, prices are great, food excellent. The scenery is beautiful and often spectacular. What more could one want.
Thank you Eunice for your help!!

Roger Barker
Jun 2015

Excellent Service

Thank you Eunice Costa for your efficient and excellent service.
My family ( adult siblings) were returning to the home of our grandparents. You arranged for accommodations and a driver on the Island of Flores. The Ocidental Hotel a family run business worked so well for us . We had great meals and service while there. Our guides were knowledgeable and accommodating.  Warm Regards, Audrey

Audrey Rudholm
Jun 2015

Eunice at is the ultimate in online travel organiser - as a a born and bred islander, fluent in local and international expectations of any traveller

Eunice looked after our travel nightmare - an Opodo booked ticket that fell foul of an airline strike, was reorganised into a mutli island hop, and she effortlessly changed the stop-over accommodation, the multi-island car hire ( which is possibly the only commission she earned). Trauma of all, we suffered a bereavement back home in England on the second day of the holiday, and she calmly reassured us, shortening the holiday by 2 days only. In this world of sterile, personless transactions on the WWW its a joy to find a native islander fluent in both languages and aspects of today's international travel, while keeping the calm and delightful charm of the people of the Azores. Obrigado!

Chris Bligh
Jun 2015
Hotel Vale do Navio Facade - Sao Miguel - Azores

Beautiful trip!

We booked 4 islands. All went perfectly seamless. All the hotels were great places to stay. All the prearranges tours and lunches were outstanding. The entire trip was fantastic and it was a absolute joy working with Eunice she was always a pleasure and wonderful person. We were totally delighted with the holiday and would book through her again.

Sincerely yours

Robin Medeiros
Jun 2015
bicycle man azores

Nice :)

I like service of this company.

Mikus Saulitis
Jun 2015
pousada forte da horta view marina

Great Trip

I do a lot of traveling,this Azores vacation was the best.Everything was perfect.Can not think of anything that could have been done better...I would definatitely use again and recommend it to Friends.

Don Arenfeld
Jun 2015
Cabrito typical stone adegas - Pico island Azores

Highly Recommended

I received prompt and courteous service from, which I used to rent a car, and to research activities and places to visit on the islands. I'd recommend the website to anyone planning a trip to the Azores. Had a wonderful time myself and would certainly visit again!

Jun 2015

Outstandingly organized and very pleasant people to work with for an Azores trip.

I received outstanding cooperation from the Azores Travel team with all the questions I asked over a 3-4 month period as I researched a potential trip to San Miguel in the Azores. The 'Azores Agency' (aka Eunice) then booked us a lovely, centrally located hotel, island tours and extra places to see as we walked around; she also booked the airline reservations for us. The flight was a short 4 hours and 15 minutes from Boston's Logan Airport to San Miguel in the Azores.

Due to Eunice's travel knowledge, we had a thoroughly enjoyable week in the Azores.

In the future we'll utilize her Agency talents for the Madeira Islands and Portugal also.

Boston, USA
Jun 2015
graciosa islets sea azores

Loved the Azores!

Loved everything about the Azores. Starting with people. Absolutely wonderful, caring and made me feel welcome to,their country. Visited many of the towns and found the country just beautiful from the ocean to,the mountain tops. Food was delicious! I can't say enough how much I enjoyed visiting the Azores and would go back.

Jun 2015

The Only Company I would use for a trip to the Azores!!

As a Travel Agent, I am very picky when it comes to tour operators. I chose to handle a fantastic trip for my best client and my clients and I could not have been happier! Eunice was with us every step of the way providing expert advice on where to stay, what to do, when to go, etc. Every aspect of the trip was taken care of from the fantastic hotels, flights, transfers between Islands, transfers on the Islands, excursions/tours, and all at a very reasonable price. are THE experts on the Azores and the only tour company I use for my clients or my personal travel to the Azores.

Jun 2015
Pico island - Azores

Trip to Azores

Just wanted to tell you that our Azores trip was wonderful !!!! Thanks so much for all your help. The flights and hotel worked out fine - they put 2 twin beds together for us. The Pousada de Santa Cruz was awesome, I'm so glad you recommended it - we had a lovely view of the harbor and the dinners were fabulous (we ate almost all of our meals right at the hotel). The trip to Pico and our guide Antonio was great (he showed us so many things on the island). We can't wait to go back and see some of the other islands! Maybe next year, but hopefully we will learn a little more Portuguese by then!
Thanks again!

Linda Wlodarski
May 2013

We just got back last night from the trip, which we thoroughly enjoyed

Hi Eunice--
We just got back last night from the trip, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  And now we all want to go back again!

Adegas de Pico, and the island itself, was wonderful.  The restaurant in the village was excellent--4 star.  We LOVED the cottage, and Maria could not have been more helpful.  We've been whale watching in Cape Cod Bay and Faial was SO much better.The flowers were just beginning to come out and everything was starting to bloom.  I can just imagine how gorgeous everything will be in another month.  I will do a trip advisor entry for Adegas de Pico, the Pousatda (sp) on Faial which was a highlight of that island, and Azores,com.
On Faial we explored the lava tubes--amazing.  Having cars on all the islands allowed us to really get around and explore.  It was fascinating how different each island was.  And the cars were fine.
One of the more difficult things was finding restaurants and cafes--there are very few signs and most of them are quite small and hidden.  Once we found them, the food was uniformly delightful--now I need to find a cookbook with Azorean recipes!
The Hotel de Colegio has a great restaurant, but the rooms are getting very tired and need to be redone. 
Right now I am going to do laundry.  I will send you copies of my reviews.
And THANK YOU AGAIN for all your help.  You made this vacation easy and delightful!
Susan Burkett
Susan Burkett
azoris angra garden plaza hotel curbside

aqui vai um email de agradecimento

Muitissimo atrasado mas sempre e melhor tarde que nunca... aqui vai um email de agradecimento. Gostaria de dizer muito obrigada por todo o planeamento que fizeram por as minhas ferias do verao passado. O jason e eu adoramos sao miguel e terceira. sao ilhas espetaculares e realmente encantadoras! Foi um prazer ter planeado estas ferias pela sua companhia... finalmente consegui acabar os livros que fiz, com as fotos que tiramos, das nossas ferias ai. Divirtam-se a desfolhar!

Raquel Duarte e Jason

Paula and I got back last night from our honeymoon in the Azores

Hi Suzanne, Paula and I got back last night from our honeymoon in the Azores. We had a great trip, really enjoyed the culture, food, and people--our flights and hotels worked out very well, especially the Hotel do Colegio in Ponta Delgada, we found it to be an excellent place, very accommodating. Thank you so much for setting up our trip. We're going to tell everyone about the Azores and if anyone shows interest in visiting, we'll direct them to you.


Shay Harrison
East Schodack, NY - USA

Thank You again...

Suzanne, I wanted to Thank You again for all your extra efforts in making our trip to the Azores happen. Also for the the information you provided us after the fact. We did get the $ back from the insurance!! I'm glad you recommended it. Again Thank You and we will always use you when traveling to the Azores or Portugal , you are amazing!!

Patricia Lorenzo
Denver, USA
azores woman hydrangeas hiking

Bom dia Eunice

Bom dia Eunice. When we were in Ponta Delgada we called in to thank you personally for all your help - but were informed that you had just gone on holiday. We had a really remarkable and enjoyable time. Apart from the beauty of your islands the most enduring memory was of the friendliness and helpfulness of all the Azoreans that we met - we hope it stays that way once again many thanks.

Carol & Geoffrey Grimwood

u when traveling to the Azores or Portugal , you are amazing!!

Carol & Geoffrey Grimwood

Thank you very much...

Thank you very much for your prompt response. We are very pleased with the accommodations and your excellent service!!

Best Wishes,

Maria Luisa Aguiar

Maria Luisa Aguiar

Just a note to thank you for the excellent Transfer and Car Hire arrangements...

Just a note to thank you for the excellent Transfer and Car Hire arrangements you made for us during our recent visit to The Azores. All worked very well indeed and the car rental choice proved to be a very good and helpful company. The cars were good. Thank you again for your help and we look forward to visiting The Azores again in the future.

Best wishes,

Maurice Davies

Maurice Davis

We have just returned from our week in Ponta Delgada...

We have just returned from our week in Ponta Delgada and wanted to drop you this note to say thanks for organizing the three excursions for us which we enjoyed very much, the children loved the whale watching although we only managed to see dolphins and we enjoyed the jeep safari and the taxi trip to Sete Cidades both our drivers where good hosts, they arrived on time and made the trips most enjoyable. The scenery we saw was breath taking. Thanks once again for organising our trips it was a brilliant service and one that I would recommend to anyone.

Kindest regards, Gulin

Gulin Farrance
Essex - UK
azores couple hydrangeas

Nous avons passe 3 semaines et demi de vacances aux Acores magnifiques.

Nous avons passe 3 semaines et demi de vacances aux Acores magnifiques.

Grace a vos conseils sur les choix d'Hotel et de location, nous avons beneficie d'une organisation parfaite.Tous les logements ont ete vraiment agreables.
- une mention speciale a Casa do Antonio (San Jorge), Adegas do Pico (Pico) et ApartHotel Mirante (Sao Miguel)
- un confort un peu limite dans la Villa residentias Varadouro (Faial)

Toutes les iles que nous avons visite ont leur interet.

Merci beaucoup pour votre service, et votre site Web admirablement organise.

Jacky et Anne-Veronique UGINET

Jacky Uginet
sao miguel nordeste village azores

We had a wonderful time!

Hi Suzanne, We had a wonderful time! And we want to thank you for your help in planning and scheduling. During the first several days, it was as if you were along on the trip with us. My friend, Laurice, would say, "Suzanne did good. This is perfect." I do want to give you some feedback on Estalagem dos Clerigos hotel in Nordeste. The staff person who checked us in was not welcoming or helpful. We (two "senior" gray-haired ladies) dragged our luggage up the stairs in front of the staff person, and she never told us there was an elevator. The room smelled unpleasant and a gentleman was quick to respond to our concern by moving our room. But in truth, both rooms had bad odors. I think it was from the carpet and the humidity. The other hotels were splendid, but the one in Nordeste did not hold up in comparison. Nonetheless, we had a lovely time! We met a delightful young woman named Elisabet Mendoca in the Tourist Information Office who was gracious and helpful. I don't know if you have connections with the people who provide tourist services in Nordeste, but we wanted to mention how helpful she was. She helped us really enjoy being in Nordeste, in spite of the unpleasant welcome at the hotel. So once again I thank you for your help in planning a trip that both my friend and I will never forget! Best regards,


Cresson & Friend

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