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Azores Ferry

There is no ferry service between continental Portugal and the Azores.

Boat services in Azores are serviced by two companies. Atlânticoline provides ferry boat service weekly including transport of car, cargo and passengers service between the 9 islands during the months of May through September. Understandably, and to no fault of the ferry boat company, due to weather and ocean conditions which in North Atlantic can change frequently and rapidly this service has a low quotient of reliability.

Flying between islands of the 3 distinct groups is recommended. Please also note that we do not book ferry tickets without being part of a larger package of services.

Transmaçor provides daily passenger and cargo (no vehicles) service between the islands of Faial, Pico, São Jorge all year around. It is an extremely reliable service. Due to the proximity of the islands the service is almost never cancelled. We highly recommend this boat service when travelling between the islands of Pico, Faial and S. Jorge. For more information click here to visit the official online site. For more information, quotes and reservations please contact us using the form below

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