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Holy Ghost Festivals

Typically held on several Sundays in the weeks following Easter, the Holy Ghost Festivals are religious celebrations held throughout the Azores. Though some islands and regions offer their own takes on the festival, it is typically carried out in the same manner: one person is named emperor or empress and is escorted through the streets to a church where a mass is held. The congregation then moves to the local fellowship hall to enjoy ‘Holy Ghost Soup’ and sweet bread (pao dolce). The feast is then followed by dancing and festivities. 

Events by Island


  • The festivities of Sao Pedro – Last Sunday in June
  • Procession in honor of the Holy Family and traditional nightly festival – Third Sunday in July
  • Festival of Our Lady of Miracles – August 15


  • Saint John’s festivals (park of Largo Jaime Melo)- June 24
  • Semana do Mar (Sea Week) – First Sunday to Second Sunday in August
  • Festivals of the Patron Saints (throughout Faial) – Summer months


  • Procession of the Senhor dos Passos (Our Lord Bearing His Cress) – Good Friday
  • Festa de São João (Santa Cruz) – Last week of June
  • Festival of Senhora das Flores (Capela dos Matos)
  • Festa do Emigrante (Emigrants Festival) (Lajes das Flores) – Second weekend in July


  • Festivals of  Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres (Santa Cruz da Graciosa) – Early August


  • Festival of Saint Mary Magdalene (Madalena) – July
  • Cais de Agosto (São Roque) – Late July / Early August
  • Festivals of Bom Jesus (Sao Mateus, Ecce Home) – First week of August
  • Semana dos Baleeiros (Lajes do Pico) – Last week of August
  • Grape Harvest Festival – Second week in September

Santa Maria

  • Festas de Santo Antonio (Santo Espirito) – Second week of June
  • Festas de São Joao (Vila do Porto) – June 23
  • Festival of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres (Vila do Porto)
  • Festas N. Sra. da Assunção (Vila do Porto) – August 15
  • Mare de Agosto Music Festival (Praia Formosa) – Last week of August

Sao Jorge

  • The Cultural Week of Velas (Velas) – First week of July
  • The July Festival (Calheta) – Last week of July
  • Santo Cristo Folk Pilgrimage (Faja de Santo Cristo) – First Sunday of September

Sao Miguel

  • Festival of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres (Ponta Delgada) – Fifth Sunday after Easter
  • Senhor dos Enfermos, Procession of Our Lord of the Sick (Furnas) – First Sunday after Easter
  • St. Michael’s or Labor Procession (Vila Franca do Campo) – First Sunday following the May 8
  • Festas de São João da Vila (Vila Franca) – June 23
  • St. Peter’s Cavalcades (Ribeira Seca) – June 29
  • Semana do Chicarro (Ribeira Quente) – Mid July
  • Festival of Bom Jesus da Pedra (Vila Franca do Campo) – Last Sunday in August


  • Touradas a Corda (Bullfighting on a Rope) (Throughout Terceira) – May 1st to September 30
  • Sao Joaninas or “City’s Festival” (Angra do Heroismo) – Last week in June
  • Angrajazz (Angra do Heroismo) – First weekend in October
  • Ramo Grande Festival – October

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