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Graciosa Points of Interest

  • The Ethnographic Museum contains items related to the culture of wine and the now gone whaling industry.
  • “Monte de Nossa Senhora da Ajuda” overlooking the town of Santa Cruz.
  • The “Furna do Enxofre” (Sulfur Cavern), in the interior of the “Caldeira”, or crater of a former Volcano there’s a tunnel about 330 feet (100 m) deep and has a lake filled with cold sulfur water.
  • It is possible to visit other caverns such as “Bolos, Lembradeira, Manuel de Avila, Labarda, Furada, Linheiro, Cardo, Gato, Castelo, Calcinhas, Queimado, Vermelho, Cao, Urze and Luis”.
  • From the Timao summit, at an altitude of 1300 feet (398 m), and the Facho summit, at an altitude of 1230 feet (375 m), as well as from the Dormida, Branca, and Fontes mountains you can get a glimpse not only of the island, but of the surrounding ocean and the islands of Terceira, Sao Jorge, Pico and Faial.
  • The “Carapacho” Hot Spring Baths with medicinal waters.

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