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Sao Jorge Island

map of Azores with Sao Jorge islands - PortugalThe island of Sao Jorge is part of the Azores’ central group and lies 21,6 miles from Graciosa, 11 miles from Pico, 32,4 miles from Terceira, and 16,2 miles from Faial. It has an approximate area of 95 sq. miles (246 km2).

Sao Jorge has about 9,500 inhabitants. The main municipalities are Velas and Calheta.

Sao Jorge Island has an indented coastline with an oblong shape.

A mountain range forms the back-bone of the island and its highest peak, the Pico da Esperanca at 3455 feet (1053 m), offers great views of the other islands of the central group.

Sao Jorge is also known as one of the island of the “triangulo” (triangle) which also comprise of Faial and Pico.

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