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Pico Activities

The deep blue ocean surrounding Pico entices visitors to fish and observe the underwater rock formations and rich sea flora and fauna.

One can swim in the various natural pools along the coast, and the occasional sand beach that pops up every year. Our favorite swimming holes are Madalena, Santo Antonio, Sao Roque and Prainha.

Hunting is a pastime on this island. Wild rabbits in large numbers (considered almost a plague) and partridges, snipe, pigeons and quail (though not in large numbers), can be found or the island.

Walking, trekking, and hiking trails are abundant features in Pico. The size of the island makes it possible not to have to repeat a walk or hike. Those with endurance may want to climb up Pico Mountain a task that can be more or less difficult depending on the chosen route.

People interested in speleological studies have long caves to climb down and explore, although they should always be sure to take a guide with them. The “Gruta das Torres” is a must visit place. Being roughly 5 Km long it is the longest volcanic lava tube in Portugal, and is part of the UNESCO heritage list.

But it is the simple charms of the island of Pico – made up of green pastures, maize fields, sweet-smelling orchards, and dark lava fields – that excite those who seek to discover all the attractions of the youngest island of the Azores born from the ashes.

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