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Pico Events

The Holy Ghost Festivals in Pico offer a regional twist. The tradition, started by the first settlers, was deeply rooted in the community since the aide of the Holy Ghost was requested in prayers to hold back the streams of lava that devastated houses and crops. The “Espirito Santo” festivals retain the charm of former times in Pico. The curious ceremony of the “emperors” carrying the crown and sceptre in procession, and the “function” that marks the feast day itself, are repeated in every parish on the island from Whitsun. The processions – with such delicacies as rosquilhas, bolos de vespera, and pao doce which at the end of the festivities are distributed among all those present and passersby – maintain all the color of the old days. The “empires”, which are simple constructions having the white dove of the Holy Ghost at the top of the roof, are present all over the island and are an interesting example of folk architecture.

Festival of Bom Jesus – Sao Mateus

The “Good Lord” festival is a popular Pico festa where the parish is colorfully decorated for the occasion and music is supplied by local traditional bands. Bom Jesus is one of the most important religious festivals in the Azores, the high point being the Ecce Home. It is held every year on August 6th.

Semana dos Baleeiros – Whalers Week- Lajes do Pico

This Pico festival dates back to 1883 with the arrival of an image of Our Lady of Lourdes. The whalers gradually took part in the festival over the years with gave way to what is now a splendid religious procession followed by evening festivities with music and dancing. It is held in the last week of August.

Festival of Saint Mary Magdalene – Madalena

This is another Pico traditional festival with a varied program including a procession and other liturgical ceremonies, festivities with music, dancing, and illuminations. It is held on July 22nd.

Grape Harvest Festival

The Grape Harvest Festival is held in the second week in September.

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