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Pico Points of Interest

  • Pico Mountain with an altitude of 2351 meters stands as a challenging hike.
  • Whaler museums in Lajes, Sao Joao, and Sao Roque are worth visiting and depict an important historic and era of Pico.
  • Wine tasting in Madalena and visiting the UNESCO protected wine country in Lajido, Cabrito, and Madalena.
  • Gruta das Torres. A must-do in Pico features the longest lava tube in Europe.
  • Pico features the best natural swimming holes in the Azores. Worth mentioning are the ones in S. Prainha, S. Roque, Santo Antonio, and Madalena.
  • Wine tasting in Madalena and Lajido’s “Museu do Vinho”.
  • Whale observation in Sao Joao and Lajes.
  • Aldeia da Fonte. A “nature hotel” with its offering of excellent organic cuisine and wellness activities such as yoga.

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