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Sao Miguel Activities

São Miguel is the biggest and most populated island in the Azores and therefore has the greatest range of activities. The island offers a natural green stage filled with beaches, lakes, mountains, and a terrain ideal for outdoor activities. Two world class 18-hole golf courses, tennis clubs, rowing, windsurfing, hang gliding, scuba diving, surfing, climbing, fishing, and many other activities wait to be explored. All this can be had under an invigorating climate and an unique multicolored scenery.

Lakes and Streams

Sao Miguel streams flow between densely forested ravines with transparent water reflecting the verdant banks. One can catch the combative trout and carp, red gurnards, and achigãs. The streams of Praia, Alegria, Bispos, Faial da Terra, Guilherme, Machado, Caideiroes, Coelhas, Salga, Carneiros, Limos, and Grande offer trout that challenge the skill of any fisherman. The lake called Lagoa das Sete Cidades is rich in perch, carp, and pike. In Lagoa do Fogo trout and carp abound, while Lagoa Rasa and São Bras are home to the achiga. In Lagoa das Furnas it is possible to catch trout, perch, carp, red gurnards, and sandre.

Underwater Life

Sao Miguel features warm, transparent water with spectacular cliffs, valleys, and craters. A rich and varied flora and fauna, where the dusky perch swims past the dolphin and the tortoise past the ray while unending shoals of fish pass by, are sure attractions for those who are keen on diving and underwater exploration. In Sao Miguel one can find thousands of tiny paradises along the coast where they can appreciate all the charms of the sea by day or by night.

Privileged areas for underwater exploration are Ponta da Galera, the coast in the Feteiras area, and the islets of Vile Franca and Mosteiros. A ship called the Dori is sunk next to the port of Ponta Delgada at a depth that allows it to be visited.

Sea and Fishing

The indented coast of São Miguel and the wealth and variety of fish make Sao Miguel a paradise for those who are keen on rock fishing. The main species caught are barracuda, red bream, bluefish bream, conger eel, garfish, trigger fish, jack grevalle, mackeral, moray eel, and common sea bream. Many fishing grounds are famous, the most interesting being those located at Ponta Deigada, Ponta das Freiras, Ferraria, Mosteiros, Ponta da Bretanha, Porto das Capelas, Poços de Sao Vicente, Rabo de Peixe, Ponta, and Porto da Ribeira do Nordeste, Agua Retorta and Faial da Terra.

The existence of depths of 300 to 800 meters a short distance off the roast (2 to 3 km) makes it possible with the use of a boat to fish for barracuda, oceanic bonito, bluefish bream, dolphin, amberjack, and several species of tuna. Of course it is the large and combative sword fish, oceanic bream, pecos, as well as several kinds of tuna and shark, etc. that supply opportunity for thrilling struggles to keen sports fishermen. Several record catches have already been made here. Ponta Delgada has specially equipped boats for this purpose and they cruise as far as the Formigas islets.

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