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Graciosa Economy

Due to its concentration of agriculture, animal husbandry, and dairy industries, Graciosa has maintained the relatively rural and tranquil character. The island’s fields produce various fruits, wines, grass-fed beef, and dairy cattle as well as cheese and other dairy products.

The construction of a commercial port and the 1980 construction of the Graciosa Aerodrome have retained the islands links to the archipelago, while strengthening exports and importing goods and services.

In addition to the infrastructure improvements, Graciosa has benefited from infrastructural investments that have included the re-qualification of the secondary school along with the construction of a new milk factory and fishing port. 

Also improvements to the recreational areas in Praia and refurbishment of the Thermals in Carapacho and the construction of a new hotel and Medical Center have been done in order to improve both the tourist industry and support the local community.

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