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Flores Activities

Flores is a fisherman’s paradise. The craggy seashore offers an endless number of fishing grounds where bluefish bream, amberjack, conger eels, stone bass, grouper, mackerel, snapper and many other species can be caught. But where fishermen may find an abundant catch in Flores, scuba divers will find an abundance of flora and fauna amongst the multi colored rocks beneath the surface of the ocean and in the island’s breathtaking underwater caves. Scuba diving has become an increasingly popular activity in past years, not only due to those wonderful sea conditions, but also due to the appearance of specialized and well-equipped diving centers.

Sailing the Atlantic

Due to its location on the main route linking Europe and America, a growing number of yachts stop by Flores. They are attracted by its geographical position, the quaint port of Santa Cruz, and the welcoming hospitality of its habitants. Flores thus constitutes – together with Faial, Terceira and São Miguel – one of the points of the quadrangle enabling visitors to enjoy cruises in the Azorean waters.

Fishing in the Streams

The swiftly flowing streams, whose sparkling waters enhance the landscape of Flores, are also a paradise for fishermen who can catch delicious trout in them. Main fishing areas are in the streams of Moinhos, Alem Fazenda, Fazenda, Silva, Urzela, Grande and Lake Lomba.

Swimming, Sailing, and Water Activities

Clear waters and lapping pebble-covered beaches await swimmers along the coast of Flores: particularly in the area of Lagedo and Castelo (Ponta dos llheus), Fajãzinha, Ponta do Albarnaz, and Cedros. Santa Cruz, Lajes, and Fajã Grande have natural swimming-pools. Flores also offers excellent conditions for practicing sailing and windsurfing on the natural indents of the coast.

Walking and Sightseeing

Flores roads will take you to the main attractions in the island. There are also hidden areas of real scenic beauty that can only be discovered by walking through flowers and green fields, crossing murmuring brooks and small waterfalls.

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