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Flores Points of Interest

  • The Rocha dos Bordoes – Solidification of basalt into vertical fluting.
  • Aguas Quentes – Small hot springs of boiling sulfurous water.
  • The peaks of Sete Pes, Burrinha, Marcel and Morro Alto (which at 3000 feet or 914 m is the highest point on the island).
  • The seven lakes in the central part of the island make for a magnificent landscape, especially Lagoa Funda (Deep lake).
  • The Waterfall of Ribeira Grande at Fajazinha drops hundreds of meters and has at least twenty waterfalls many of which drop into the sea.
  • The Groto de Enxareus, an enormous cavern, about 164 feet (50 m) long and 82 feet (25 m) wide.
  • The Bay of Alagoa – A group of islets and peninsulas.
  • Fajazinha – A characteristic village by the sea with picturesque ruins of water mills.

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