Azores Travel and Tours - Sete Cidades lake and Hydrangeas - S. Miguel - Azores |

Half-Day Sete Cidades & Vista do Rei

Discover the secrets behind the Legend of Sete Cidades Lagoons and the best pineapples of the Atlantic.

Full-day Lagoa do Fogo and Furnas (S. Miguel)

Visit two beautiful lakes; Fire Lake and Furnas Lake. Try the "cozido" and visit the mystic village of Furnas.
Hydrangeas in the Azores

Full-day Furnas and Nordeste (S.Miguel)

Travel to the most remote area of the island; Nordeste. Along the way amaze yourself with the sites and views of the island.
View of Sete Cidades lake - Sao Miguel - Azores

Full-Day Bus Tour Sete Cidades & Lagoa do Fogo

Visit the beautiful twin lakes of Sete Cidades, Lagoa do Fogo, Ribeira Grande and the pineapple plantation.

Full-Day Bus Tour Furnas

Arrive at valley of Furnas and visit its famous lake, surrounded by the "caldeiras" and boiling sulfur pools.
Sete Cidades Lake - S. Miguel - Azores

Half-Day Bus Tour Sete Cidades

Come visit the two most beautiful lakes on Azores!

Half-Day Bus Tour Lagoa do Fogo

This tour goes southward towards the village of Lagoa and stops at the local ceramic factory.

Half-Day Tour of Flores

Visit the Rocha dos Bordoes, a lava solidification that creates a quite high vertical fluting.
Angra do Heroismo - Terceira - Azores

Full-Day of Terceira (Terceira)

This tour visits the main villages of Terceira, Praia da Vitoria and Angra do Heroismo.

Full-Day Furnas (S.Miguel)

Visit the beautiful Village of Furnas, the lake and renown Terra Nostra botanical garden.
Sete Cidades Lake - S. Miguel - Azores

Full-Day Sete Cidades (S. Miguel)

Visit the mystical Sete Cidades Lake, as well as the north coast including a typical pineapple plantation.

Half-Day in Sete Cidades (S. Miguel)

This tour stops at the breathtaking Vista do Rei and it visits the unique pineapple plantation in Capelas.

Half-Day Lagoa do Fogo (S. Miguel)

This tour goes all the way to the mountains road towards the beautiful Fire Lake, come enjoy it!

Full-Day Jeep Tour Furnas Valley

This full day tour provides a firsthand experience with the volcanic origins of the Island and it takes you to the unique, mystic and beautiful Furnas Valley.

Jeep Tour Sete Cidades & Lagoa do Fogo Combo Tour

Ride on safe 4x4's and enjoy the spectacular off roads of S.Miguel.

Full-Day and Half-Day Jeep Tour Flores

This tour takes you to some of the most wonderful and scenic views of the Azores.

Full-Day Jeep Tour Pico with Lajes do Pico

This touristic tour takes you all over Pico's island, come enjoy its magnificent views.

Whale Watching in Faial

Come discover the 17 species of cetaceans seen in these waters.

Whale Watching in Pico

Watch the Sperm Whales, the largest and most numerous in these waters.

Whale Watching in Sao Miguel

This Whale Watching activity provides you the opportunity to watch up to twenty cetacean species that can be found in the Atlantic Ocean.

Full-Day Guided Minibus Tour of Furnas

Visit the beautiful and renown Terra Nostra botanical garden and Furnas.

Full-Day Faial (Faial)

Visit the highest point on the island and see for yourself the remains of the last volcanic eruption in Azores.
pico town mountain azores

Full-Day Pico (Pico)

Come visit the little towns of Pico, the island with the biggest mountain of Portugal.
sao miguel nordeste village azores

Full Day Nordeste (S. Miguel)

Visit the beautiful eastern region of Sao Miguel island.

Full-Day Flores (Flores)

Come visit the several lagoons of Flores!

Full-Day Swimming with Dolphins & Sete Cidades

Enjoy the ocean and find yourself on this invigorating trip!
dolphins azores atlantic ocean

Full-Day Swimming with Dolphins & Lagoa do Fogo

This wonderful tour combines some off the road routes in both highlands and flatlands.
sao miguel nordeste village azores

Full-Day Van Tour to Nordeste

Nordeste is considered to be the most flower-rich region in Europe.
Ribeira Grande city - S. Miguel - Azores

Full-Day Van Tour to Furnas

In this tour you will be able to visit the only tea plantation and the most flower-rich place in Europe.
bicycle man azores

Full-Day Mountain Bike and Kayak Tour in Sete Cidades

Sete Cidades lake is one of the most famous and legendary lakes of the island.