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Sao Jorge Gastronomy

The typical meat and fish dishes of the Azorean cuisine are also present in Sao Jorge. However, Sao Jorge has exclusive rights to the fleshy cockles that are caught in the waters of the lake called “Caldeira de Santo Cristo”. There is also a large variety of sweets with names such as coscoroes, rosquilhas de aguardente, especies, suspiros, esquecidos, bolo de vespera, cavacas, bolo de coalhada, and doce branco.

Sao Jorge is by far best known for it cheese, the famous being “Queijo de Sao Jorge”. The green grass of the fields is transformed into milk in the udders of the local cows. And from it are produced creamy, straw-colored cheeses  in large wheels which weigh from 14 to 22 pounds. Cured for several months in rooms where a constant temperature is maintained, the cheese acquires a honey colored rind. Afterward it is exported to various countries where it is appreciated for the piquant flavor it acquires with time where it makes it a delicious appetizer or dessert.

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