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Sao Jorge Points of Interest

  • The Faja of the Caldeira do Santo Cristo – a protected nature reserve with an underground cave and a lake located in the Ribeira Seca area.
  • The Topo islet lies on the eastern tip of the island. It is also a natural reserve and a breeding ground gulls of the central group of islands, as well as a home for migratory species of sea-bird.
  • A walk along the sea-shore near Urzelina takes one to the “Furnas da Pombas”, a curious volcanic rock formation which is populated by wild pigeons.
  • Urzelina where the tower is all that remains of an ancient church that was buried when the Pico de Esperanca erupted in 1808.
  • Manadas – A picturesque village with attractive country houses surrounded by orchards and cultivated fields.
  • Church of Santa Barbara. Built in the 18th century, in Baroque style with carved archway and chancel with a carved cedar roof, features a valuable collection of hand-painted tiles depicting scenes of the life of Saint Barbara.

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